Patient Online Appointments

What is Video Conferencing?

Video conferencing allows two or more people to attend a meeting electronically using video, audio, and other visual tools to interact. VIP Vascular uses to facilitate our online appointments. makes it possible for us to provide an appointment environment that allows Dr. Heide to see and speak with patients, share test results, and use a whiteboard, in a secure environment that includes password protection to ensure privacy.

About VIP Vascular Online Appointments

VIP Vascular online appointments are limited to 30 minutes and the portal will open 5 minutes before the scheduled appointment. You will be required to use an appointment specific password provided with your appointment information to enter the portal. When you enter the portal everyone present (including you) will be on video and audio. Some appointments will be recorded but you will be notified before recording begins.


To arrange for an online appointment start by creating create an account Patient Account Creation. Next you will need to provide information about your health using the Patient History online form. The Patient History form will also ask for permission to contact current providers if required.

After completing your application and providing your health history you can contact our office for more information or to arrange an appointment using our Patient Communication and Appointments form.

Our team will contact you as quickly as possible to arrange an appointment time that is convenient. At that time staff will discuss with you any documentation, or advance information, Dr. Heide will need to get from you to prepare for the appointment. You will then receive an email with appointment confirmation, video link, and appointment password. Once you click on the link you will see the following information on the screen and must click the "Launch Application" button as shown.

You can participate in a consultation using iPhone and (audio only) on telephone. Instructions will be included in the appointment setup email.