Neuro Education

Dr. Heide has created many educational videos, audio lectures, and documents for use by patients and providers. Below are a few of the current videos available from Dr. Heide and viewable on YouTube. Understanding the symptoms of stroke assists in recognizing the onset of stroke and leads to swift care which is critical to a good outcomes. Please take the time to watch Dr. Heide's videos and read some of the materials provided on the following pages.

Symptoms of concern to neurological patients include:

  • Headache, memory loss, and/or confusion
  • Neck, back, arm, and/or leg pain
  • Weakness, numbness, and/or tingling
  • Balance difficulties leading to falls
  • Head Injuries
  • Speech problems
  • Tremor, spasms, abnormal, and involuntary movements
  • Seizures
  • Dizziness and vertigo
  • Vision changes and/or loss
  • Diplopia
  • Sleep difficulties

Additional Information on Stroke Care

An additional three video training from Dr. Heide discussing stroke prevention and care.