Dr. Heide’s Testimonials

Dianne Sherbon
Stroke Coordinator
I wouldn’t see anyone else.
He is an excellent, excellent doctor
Dr Heide has brought his expertise, his telemedicine, and ability to delve deeper into patient’s strokes
I would recommend Dr Heide to anyone
Telemedicine has allowed a faster diagnosis

Jill McWilliams
Chief Nursing Officer
I very much liking working with Dr Heide. I think that he is excellent.
{He has} raised the standards and expectations
I have seen the telemedicine program work in two locations now run by Dr Heide and I think it has done a great job for patients with strokes.
I don’t think we would have a stroke center without Dr Heide

Anthony Hemstad
CEO World Trade Center Tacoma, WA
Commissioner Public Hospital District # 1 Washington State
He is a man of integrity. He does what he says he is going to do. He’s trustworthy and he follows through.
He is thinking of new ways of bringing services internationally.
He is a renown neurologist here in the Pacific Northwest
I think using his skills to help bring some of these cutting edge technologies internationally has great potential.
I would very much recommend Dr Heide as a business partner.

Kathy Toomey, MD
Emergency Room Physician
He is an extra-ordinary neurologist and a premiere stroke neurologist in our community and he has done tremendous things for our hospital.
We did not have a stroke program prior to Dr Heide’s arrival. We are now a center of excellence for stroke patients.
His knowledge is tremendous.
{with telemedicine you can}.. see a patient in real time 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year {and have} stroke coverage by a certified stroke expert.
Because stroke is so time dependent, to have telemedicine availability to our community is so critical. Without it {telemedicine} patients would not be treated as quickly or aggressively.
It’s a delay of care without telemedicine.
I wish we had it for all our consultants